Aerosols in water jet cutting – Chemical-free water treatment

Water jet cutting produces aerosols, i.e. mist or liquid droplets. These float as particles in the ambient air and are inhaled by your employees. This is harmless with pure water vapor.
However, if chemical additives are added to the cutting water, these are also contained in the aerosols. Many chemicals are often used in water treatment, these can cause damage to nature as well as to people.

Chemical additives, in particular phosphoric acids, with which the cutting water for high-pressure pumps is treated, can:

  1. Harm the health of your employees
    – Skin burns
    – Mucous membrane burns
    – Eye burns
  2. Pollute the waste water in an inadmissible way
    – Permissible maximum wastewater values are exceeded


With WodaCodeGreen, the chemical-free water treatment system for water jet cutting, you avoid such risks.

With WodaCodeGreen, the water jet cutting water is optimally treated, without chemicals, for use in high pressure pumps and water jet cutting machines.

A further step for the health of your employees and sustainable production.

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