What makes us stand out:

Customer focus

Our team is at your disposal at any time and offers solutions for your individual requirements. The customer proximity is the secret to our corporate success. This is why we measure our success by the satisfaction of our customers, to whom we offer a partnership at eye level.


Reliable communication with our customers enables customized and efficient solutions for all tasks and challenges. Our business partners know what they can expect from us: Your needs are the focus of our endeavors.


Our employees’ competence – regardless of whether in terms of software or hardware – assists you in planning, selecting and procuring individual parts through to the assembly and installation of complete systems. This also includes preparation and installation, during which we provide you with personal training.

Educational services

Benefit from the knowledge of our experts!We offer you a wide range of practical training and further educational courses which are perfectly customized to your needs. No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced user – with us you will get to be an expert.

WPA – Certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015

We are pleased to announce that Waterjet Production Academy GmbH has been successfully certified to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001. These certifications are an important milestone in our commitment to the continuous improvement of our products and services as well as the environmental sustainability of our processes.

The EN ISO 9001 certification refers to our quality management system, which ensures that we meet our customers' requirements and continuously work to improve our processes. We have implemented strict internal controls to ensure that all products and services meet our high quality standards.

EN ISO 14001 certification relates to our environmental management system, which ensures that we minimize our environmental impact and achieve our sustainability goals. We have implemented a comprehensive environmental management system that ensures that all aspects of our business, including energy and resource consumption, waste disposal and environmental protection, are controlled and improved.

Through these certifications, we demonstrate our commitment to excellence in all areas of our business. We are proud that our customers can be assured that they are receiving products and services of the highest quality, while at the same time we are fulfilling our responsibility to the environment. We will continue to work hard to improve our processes and achieve our sustainability goals to ensure customer satisfaction and protect our environment.

Meet Our Team

Our team is your team. When your objective is to be better, faster and more efficient, you need the best people driving your vision forward. You need people who know the needs of your business, who know how to optimize your workflow, who are outstanding experts in their field of work. You need our experts of the Waterjet Production Academy.

You are very welcome.

We are located on the industrial park “Am Roten Turm” in Karlsruhe (Germany). 180 years ago there was a textile factory here, which was almost completely destroyed during the 2nd World War. In the factory, old rags and clothes were recycled and made available to the consumer as shoddy wool. The factory was – like our company today – a pioneer in the field of sustainable use of resources. After the end of the war, the old factory site was gradually converted into the industrial park that still exists today. The red tower, the landmark of the industrial park, is located in the immediate vicinity. Another building known beyond the boundaries of the industrial park is the “Kesselhaus”, which was converted into a renowned restaurant as part of the preservation of historical monuments. The restaurant was awarded a Michelin star at the end of 2014.

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