New Waterjet Mixing Tube Generation

An optimized product for better and cheaper cutting


An innovation that makes a differencE

Efficiency and benefits:

  High performance: up to 40% higher waterjet cutting speed

  Endurance: 20% longer mixing tube service life

✔  Precision: better tolerances providing higher waterjet cutting quality

Flexibility: Recommended for 2D, 3D and 5-axis cutting heads application.

✔  Compatibility: available in different sizes, suitable for all modern cutting head systems

  Cost efficiency: you spend less money on a better production quality

✔  Elegance: innovative and optimized design

The new Waterjet Mixing Tubes come in 3 categories, each of them adjusted to the special needs of our customers. Different sizes for almost all common cutting head systems are available.


✔ For high quality results

✔ Recommended pressure: 4500 bar

✔ 20%+ performance improvement


✔ Improved performance

✔ Recommended pressure: 6000 bar

✔ 30%+ performance improvement

✔ Stable tool offset


✔ Ultimate performance for all tasks

✔ Recommended pressure: 6500 bar

✔ 40%+ performance improvement

✔ Extremely stable tool offset

✔ Ideal for long cutting jobs with more than 8 hours per cutting cycle

Better performance
How does it work?

Waterjet mixing tube

Longer Lifetime

Waterjet cutting machines use abrasive material that goes through mixing tubes at high pressure, that’s why nozzles get worn out over time. Our mixing tubes are made of nano-carbide and have a new improved nozzle design, both reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Cost efficiency

Our new generation of mixing tubes improves the efficiency and reliability of waterjet cutting systems, resulting in higher productivity and profitability.

Higher Quality

Nanocarbide material and a special coating can also improve cutting performance by providing a more precise and uniform mixture of water and abrasive when cutting the material. This results in higher cutting speed and better edge quality, which is especially necessary for complicated tasks.

Coating that matters

A special coating with which we provide our new waterjet mixing tubes protects them from abrasive wear, increases their service life and ensures higher cutting quality.


The choice of the best MixingTubes / Nozzles for a waterjet cutting machine depends on various factors, such as the size of the nozzle, the pressure of the water jets and the type of material to be cut. A mixing nozzle’s job is to mix water and abrasive cutting material into the most uniform jet possible to achieve precise cutting performance.

Ultimately, the choice of the best mixing nozzle depends on the specific requirements of the cutting application andshould be recommended by an experienced professional in the field. We have been testing our Mixing Tubes for several months, on various machines and in various sizes and design. Our sales have already proven the new product to be a success.”

Waterjet cutting a process with high demands

Waterjet cutting is a process for precise and clean cutting of various materials such as metal, plastic and stone. It is used in many industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical and architecture.

Waterjet cutting is based on a jet of water and abrasive directed at high speed onto the material to be cut. The combination of pressure and abrasive particles makes it possible to cut materials into very precise shapes.

In order to produce an optimum water jet, it is important that the mixing tube or focusing tube functions correctly. The focusing tube is the component that mixes the water and abrasive and directs it into the blast channel. Poor performance of the focusing tube can lead to uneven mixing, resulting in uneven cuts and wasted material.

A good mixing tube should be able to produce a uniform mixture of water and abrasive while filling the blast channel evenly. It should also be able to maintain the pressure of the water and abrasive to ensure the continuity of the jet.

Overall, the mixing tube is a critical component in waterjet cutting. Good mixing tube performance leads to higher efficiency, less material waste and more precise cuts.

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