WPA Open House 2023: Glass and Composite 


Innovation at a glance – Enhance your manufacturing with waterjet technology!

When: 14.-15.06.2023 
Where: Demo Center of Techni Waterjet Production Academy Zeppelinstraße 7a, 76185 Karlsruhe, GERMANY
Save the date: 14.06. Program in English  & 15.06. Program in German

✔️ NEW: we will present the first 6000 bar electro servo pump on the market!

TimeProgram of the Open House 2023: 
09:00-09:15Greetings and introduction
09:15-09:45Presentation: The most innovative waterjet products on the market.
How to save costs through our machines, pumps and software: saving electricity, water, and abrasives. 
09:45-11:30Machine live demonstration: cutting glass, composite and more.
Safe, reliable and flexible cutting with our machines and pumps.
Describing new application opportunities.
11:30-12:30Lunch break
12:30-14:00Machine live demonstration
What is the future in waterjet cutting – New available tools, equipment, software (plus time for your questions and individual glass and composite cutting).
14:00-14:30Presentation: Increasing efficiency and effectiveness with software.
Optimizing cutting processes – How software can be a game changer.
14:30-15:00Pump demonstration: New generation of 6000 bar electro servo pumps.
Flexible pressure range for any application.
Maintenance and seal change demonstration.
15:00-16:30Free discussion and open questions

Participation in the Open House: FREE!

Pre-registration is required. Please specify the date in the registration form below: 14.06 (program in English) or 15.06 (program in German).

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