Why fresh and waste water treatment is mandatory.

Why fresh and waste water treatment is mandatory.

Good water treatment increases the life expectancy of high-pressure components in particular. With professional wastewater treatment you are also good for the environment and fulfil your legal obligation.

What you should know about water treatment:

  • Many manufacturers will only repair or replace wearing parts under warranty if it can be proven that the water used meets their technical specifications.
  • Water components – such as silicates, carbonate, oxygen – which are harmless for normal water use can have a negative effect on the machine components in high pressure applications. This accelerates the wear of components and endangers the production process.
  • Legal standards stipulate what may be discharged into the drain.
  • As a result of properly treated water for the cutting process, less wear and longer service lives are achieved. Production processes are becoming more stable.
  • Water is a scarce resource. Up to 95% of the water used can be treated and reused. The process for water treatment costs less and less effort and your production process is stabilized.

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