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You want to produce prototypes or small series cost-effective and with high quality?

  • With waterjet you get perfect products due to high cutting accuracy and optimal quality.
  • We use intelligent software and state-of-the-art cutting machines to reduce your material loss to a minimum.
  • You can process your products directly since no heat is generated during cutting.
  • We advise you during the entire process – from the creation of the cutting data to the delivery of the results.

Waterjet cutting: One technique. A thousand areas of application.

  • mechanical engineering
  • tool construction
  • mould making
  • car industry
  • aviation industry
  • space industry
  • medical technology
  • packaging technology
  • artworks
  • architecture
  • etc.

We cut (almost) everything for you.

Composite Material

Carbon Fiber





Wood & Stone

Materials we can cut:

  • stainless steel, structural steel, tool steel, titanium, aluminium, brass, bronze, copper
  • Polycarbonate, POM, PVC, PE, CFK, GFK, foams, silicone, rubber
  • marble, granite, tiles, balistic ceramics
  • glass, bulletproof glass, acrylic glass
  • composite materials
  • wood

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Spit protection

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