We train waterjet experts.

We optimize your production processes, increase product quality and reduce operating costs significantly.

Individual training for future experts:

  • Together with your company we analyse where trainings and courses can achieve great success.
  • We put together individual training programs for companies and consider the respective needs.

We offer different, freely selectable formats:

  • Online trainings, flexible scheduling without travel expenses
  • 1:1 online support allows very individual advice and assistance without travel costs (topics: application, high-pressure pumps, software)
  • On-site training: we naturally also provide support directly at the machine with the people on site

Our training modules

Our academy offers tailored training courses in the field of water jet application for beginners or already experienced users who want to become experts. We create individual training plans for waterjet cutting based on the following training modules and the optimization requirements of the respective company.

  • waterjet application for beginners
  • Waterjet application for advanced users
  • Microjet machine upgrade and application
  • Removal – Engraving with water jet
  • pure water application
  • abrasive processing
  • Hydro-Finishing
  • processing of glass
  • wood processing
  • stone processing
  • metal processing
  • machining of soft materials (e.g. foam)
  • machining of soft materials (e.g. foam)
  • processing of composites (CFRP/GFK)
  • food processing
  • Rhino3D & Boxer
  • Boxer
  • FlowMaster
  • FlowXpert
  • Flow® M2/M3/M4/M500- machine operation
  • PN4000
  • Planning & construction for production equipment
  • HP pumps 95 K
  • HD Pumps 60 K
  • HD Pumps 55 K
  • High Pressure Wear Parts Management
  • Maintenance of conventional cutting heads
  • Maintenance of cutting heads with angle compensation
  • Maintenance of 3D cutting heads

Exemplary training packages

Basics of operating Flow® systems

Modules: Waterjet application for beginners, HD pumps 55/60/95 K, FlowMaster, Flow® M2/M3/M4/M500 machine operation.

Objectives: Safe operation of machines; creation of cutting programs; maintenance of high pressure components.


Tips and tricks for processing composites

Modules: Application training for CFRP/GFK, abrasive processing, pure water application, Microjet - machine upgrade and application.

Objectives: Safe handling of materials; correct selection of tools and processing parameters; planning and control of production processes; significant reduction of material waste; avoidance of material destruction


Tips and tricks for processing composites

Module: Waterjet application for beginners, distribution of products (special module), pure water application, abrasive processing, processing of glass, processing of wood, processing of stone, processing of metals, processing of composites (CFRP/GFK).

Objectives: Basic knowledge about waterjet cutting; development of new target groups; professional customer advice; realistic cost estimation for offers; increase of production capacity utilization.



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