PN 4000 (CAD-/CAM system)

PN4000 is a modular CAD/CAM system for automated control of production machines in the fields of cutting (laser, oxyfuel, plasma, water jet), punching, punch-lasers combined, shearing and milling.

Special functions are available for programming water jet systems. In addition to the support of multi-head aggregates, chamfer information is also interpreted in CAD and automatically converted into correct machining operations.

  • Automatic contour gates and exits, with collision check
  • Automatic recognition of different types of contours and recesses
  • Automatic setting of chamfers (upper/lower chamfer with/without ridge, X chamfer and K chamfer)
  • Support of multi-burner units
  • Support of 5-axis machining for chamfers with dynamic angle change
  • Automatic setting of micro webs
  • Automatic engraving/marking
  • Different approach strategies
  • Freely definable processing macros
  • Automatic reduction depending on angle change
  • Automatic reduction depending on radius
  • Vectorizing bitmap graphics
  • Manual changes in the individual part and on the board possible at any time
  • Automatic nesting of any geometries

PN 4000

modular CAD/CAM system
  • automated control of water jet production machines

  • Support of multi-head units

  • Interpretation and automatic conversion of chamfer information