HyPrecision Predictive Pump 50S, 37kW, 400V, 50HZ, CE Air Ready

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The heart of every HyPrecision™ Predictive pump:

Advanced Intensifier Technology providing the ultimate in waterjet reliability
By rethinking the way the intensifier pump works, we were able to make it work harder,
last longer and require significantly less service time

Easier servicing
Hydraulic rod seals and plunger bearings are readily
accessible from outside the hydraulic end cap

Longer lasting
Advanced piston design minimizes seal wear and
improves component life

Optimized shifting
Advanced electronics provide smooth, reliable shifting
for optimum cut quality

No thread galling
Thread-less cylinders eliminate the possibility of galling
(seizing up) and becoming unusable

Prolonged seal life
Large diameter ceramic plunger delivers more water per
stroke with reduced friction, for longer seal life

Screw-less check valve
Eliminates possible loose screw creating internal damage
to intensifier

Long life piston
Advanced piston design minimizes seal wear and improves
component life

Large diameter plunger

1″ (2.5 cm) plunger produces more water per stroke with
reduced friction

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P-50S 400V 50HZ Air Ready (1 pce) with soft starter

HyPrecision Predictive waterjet pumps

Waterjet technology produces excellent fine-feature cut quality with low edge angularity, no heat-affected zone, a narrow kerf, and virtually dross-free cutting. It also offers the ability to process a variety of materials and a thickness range capability unmatched by other cutting technologies.

The new HyPrecision™ Predictive pumps incorporate patented Seal Maintenance Technology™ and service-friendly capabilities that substantially reduce maintenance costs and disruption caused by non-planned service. With standard features such as our proven Advanced Intensifier Technology™ and closed loop proportional pressure control, these latest generation waterjet systems offer you even more consistent cut quality while ensuring improved reliability and easy, straightforward service.


  • Maximum output: gpm (lpm) 1.0 (3.79)
  • Maximum orifice: inch (mm) 0.014 (0.35)
  • Motor Power: HP (kW)50 (37)
  • Voltage: 400 / 208-230/ 460
  • Full load amps  73.8 / 138.2-125.8 / 62.9
  • Width  40″ (1016 mm)
  • Length  79″ (1996 mm)
  • Height  59″ (1509 mm)
  • Operating weight lbs. (kg) 2800 (1300)

Additional information

Weight1300 kg
Dimensions1996 × 1016 × 1509 cm