Mixing Tube: RocTec® APX with brass ring (∅ 7.14mm)

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Replacement table (Outer Diameter: ∅ 7.14mm)

NameLengthInner Diameter ∅Replaces
40-3076 mm1.02mmFlow 014194-40-30
Flow 1000003-40-30
30-40101.6 mm0.76 mmFlow 014194-30-40
Flow 1000003-30-40
35-40101.6 mm0.91mmFlow 014194-35-40
Flow 1000003-35-40
40-40101.6 mm1.02mmFlow 014194-40-40
Flow 1000003-40-40


ROCTEC® APX Composite Carbide, Kennametal ®

New ROCTEC® APX extends abrasive waterjet nozzle life as much as 40% over industry-leader ROCTEC® 500. It provides a longer period of precision cutting while increasing operational efficiency. Its long life and consistent wear sets a new standard for high-performance cutting.

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incl. mounted brass and rubber ring


40-30, 30-40, 35-40, 40-40