5-Axis Mixing Tube: RocTec® APX with brass ring (∅ 7.14mm)

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New ROCTEC® APX extends abrasive waterjet nozzle life as much as 40% over industry-leader ROCTEC® 500. It provides a longer period of precision cutting while increasing operational efficiency. Its long life and consistent wear sets a new standard for high-performance cutting.

Replacement table

Outer Diameter: ∅ 7.14mm

NameInner Diameter ∅LengthReplaces
30-400.76 mm101.1 mm014214-30-40

Extra pointed tip – especially suitable for…

  • …cutting in XD DWJ or 3D mode
  • …more free space with angles from 45° upwards
  • …non-contact cutting

2D und 3D Cut of thick Material

When using a normal mixing tube when piercing, reflected water, abrasive and removed material is led to the tip of the mixing tube.With long pierce times in very thick or hard material this will damage the mixing tube tip. Using the extra sharpened mixing tube water, abrasiv and removed material will be led away upwards.

  • This allows more space while cutting
  • The tip of the mixing tube will be less damaged, therefore it will have longer life time.

Cut 2D und 3D of sensitive material or shiny surfaces

While piercing in low pressure reflected water and abrasiv will leave slight shades on material surfaces. Using the extra sharpened tip, water, abrasive and removed material is led upwards.

  • Therefore reflections or shades on material surface is avoided
  • No damages or break out

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