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Minor Repair Kit HyPlex & Prime / Hybrid
Exclusive for only 375€

Minor Repair Kit HyPlex

Minor Repair Kit HyPlex

Minor Repair Kit HyPlex Hybrid

Minor Repair Kit HyPlex Prime


The future of waterjet pump technology.

Faster. Quieter. Smarter.

The new Quantum NXT™ "Electric Servo Pump" is a revolutionary concept based on technology that has even been used for space shuttles.

Cutting Water Treatment


WodaCodeGreen treats all substances in tap water that have a negative influence on high-pressure components.


Protect your wallet and your machines with WodaCodeGreen.

Abrasive Removal System


Remove Abrasive faster!

Work more efficiently.
Flexible use, completely without electricity.
Can be used on any water jet machine.

Save time and money with WodaGarnetClean.
Interruptions due to the need to remove used abrasive and sludge from the catcher tank are now a thing of the past.
Avoid stop of production.

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