WodaCodeGreen: Cutting water treatment without chemical contamination

With our latest innovation WodaCodeGreen you can increase the service life and reliability of your high-pressure water jet pumps – completely without chemical load!

Do you know the dangers of untreated cutting water?

Untreated cutting water – i.e. tap water – considerably reduces the service life of your waterjet cutting machine. Malfunctions are caused, for example, by carbonate and sulphate hardness (gypsum hardness), which form solid deposits. High pressure seals of your machines are frequently damaged by free chlorine and organic substances. Silicates are dangerous to both seals and nozzles as they crystallize in the high pressure system. Free carbon dioxide is the main cause of cavitation in your high pressure components.

Not only can your machines be damaged – did you know that many manufacturers only grant repairs and replacement of spare parts under warranty if the water used can be proven to meet their technical specifications?

WodaCodeGreen increases the service life and durability of your high-pressure systems – without chemical contamination.

WodeCodeGreen produces crystal clear, soft water for your machines – without releasing expensive and harmful chemicals. The system is efficient and virtually trouble-free thanks to the absence of sensitive electronic controls. The system is very easy to use with its cartridge system and can be quickly set up for operation through plug-and-play installation.

Compared to conventional systems, WodaCodeGreen can save up to 80% on ongoing operating costs for water treatment.

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Costs for water treatment

Costs for water treatment 20%

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